Is There A Doctor In The House? Considering Physician Assistant Training When You Are Hearing Impaired


There are approximately 30 million people in the U.S., over the age of 12 years, who have hearing loss in both ears. For a number of those who suffer from hearing loss, there is a challenge in finding and maintaining a job, especially in the current economic situation. This is seen in the recent statistics that show that, while the national average of unemployment stands at approximately 5.9 percent, it is at a higher rate of 12.

24 December 2015

4 Things You Might Be Doing To Worsen Your Allergy Symptoms


If you struggle with hay fever or seasonal allergy issues, you need to understand the most effective ways to keep your symptoms at bay. Unfortunately, sometimes people who suffer from allergies don't realize that the things they do every day could actually be worsening their symptoms. Here are several mistakes that many people make without realizing that they could be making their allergy symptoms worse. Letting the Fresh Air In

16 December 2015