Two Ailments That Can Be Treated By Seeing An Ear, Nose & Throat Doctor


If you're dealing with certain ailments, you may have become accustomed to them and think that you'll just have to deal with it.  However, what you may not know is that an ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctor may be able to assist you.  Although on the surface it may seem that ENT doctors treat obvious issues such as sore throats or ringing in the ears, there are a number of other maladies that they can help with as well.  If you have any of the following medical problems, it may be time to set an appointment to see an ENT doctor right away.

Dizziness Issues

Experiencing dizziness can be a very frightening occurrence.  You may feel the room spinning, and it could be so severe that you temporarily lose your balance.  Although you may sit down for a few moments until the feeling passes, this is a serious problem that should be treated.

Dizziness is dangerous because if left untreated, it could occur at the wrong time.  Imagine being in the shower when the dizziness happens.  This could potentially lead to a fall that causes you to injure yourself in a major way.

That's why you should let an ENT doctor help you with this.  Your balance is largely centralized in your inner ear, and if there is a disturbance there, it may be the source of your dizziness, since balance and dizziness are linked.  The ENT doctor can administer a series of tests to determine if an ear issue is the source of your dizziness so you can be properly treated.  

Hair Loss

As people age, they tend to grow less hair, and some individuals find that they begin to lose a substantial amount of hair.  Realizing that hair loss is taking place can be distressing, and can have a deep emotional impact.

Hair loss is an issue that can be treated by seeing an ENT doctor.  They can help determine whether the hair loss is a result of genetics, diet, thyroid issues, or another culprit.  After they've determined why you're losing your hair, they can present to you a number of different hair restoration options so that you can feel good about your hair again.

Don't think that you have to live with these medical issues.  There is help available, if you will only reach out for it.  If you suffer from any of these ailments, see an ENT doctor right away so you can get the help that you deserve. Contact a business, such as Mid America Ear, Nose, & Throat Clinic PC, for more information. 


19 July 2016

Meeting With The ENT Specialist

When I started noticing issues with my balance, I realized that I needed some professional help. I was having a difficult time staying upright, much less working or getting any exercise. Instead of panicking, I simply made an appointment with my family practitioner, who in turn made an appointment for me with an ENT specialist. It was amazing to see how much he was able to help. He inspected my ears and determined that I was having some fluid buildup inside of my inner ear. This blog is all about meeting with an ENT specialist and getting the help that you need to feel like yourself again.