3 Tips To Help You Connect & Converse With Your Hearing-Impaired Parents This Summer


As your parents age, there is a chance that their hearing could decline. If either of your parents are experiencing hearing loss or now require assistance from hearing aids, there are steps you can take this summer when you visit and hang out with them that will making hearing and communication easier for both of you. Here are a few tips that will help your communication go more smoothly this summer when you get together. 

Pay Attention To Your Body Position

When speaking to someone with hearing loss, it is important that you pay attention to how your body is positioned when speaking with them. Do not attempt to engage in a conversation with them when you are across the room or when your back is turned to them. You should also refrain from engaging in a conversation when you are engaged in a task that requires you to frequently position your body away from them. 

When you initiate a conversation, make sure that you are within about three to six feet of your parents and that your body is facing towards them. Being closer to your parents when you attempt to talk with them will help them hear you better. By positioning your body so that you are facing them, they will be able to focus on your voice instead of ambient sounds, and they will also be able to pick up on your body language. Much of what we say to one another is unspoken, and these unspoken cues become even more important when your parent's are suffering from hearing loss.

Watch Your Voice

There is a common misconception that when someone has hearing loss and requires the assistance of hearing aids that you need to shout instead of speak at a normal tone and that you need to speak directly into their ear for them to hear you. Both of these ideas are false. 

When you shout, your parent's hearing aids will actually distort your voice, making it harder, not easier, for them to hear you. Modern hearing aids are set to tune into certain frequencies and to focus on certain sounds; you may need to raise your voice a little bit, but there is no reason to shout. Speaking at a normal or slightly above normal volume is ideal for your parent's hearing aids.

When you speak directly into your parent's hearing aids, once again, the sound may actually be distorted instead of clear, due to how your parent's hearing aids actually work. Additionally, when your body is positioned so that you are speaking directly into your parent's ear, they can no longer see your body. This causes them to miss out on all the visual clues that inform and provide context to your words.

Eliminate Distractions

Finally, pay attention to the environments and situations where you hang out with your parents during the summer time. If you take your parents to an outside concert at your local park, focus on enjoying the music. With so much ambient and additional sound, it will be hard for your parents to effectively hear you and hold a conversation. That does not mean you can't take your parents to events that are louder, like an outdoor summer concert or baseball game, just that your focus on those types of outings should be the event themselves, not on deep conversations with your parents.

If you want to get in quality time and connect with your parents, a small barbecue or a meal outdoors is a great way to enjoy the summertime with your parents. Cut down on other ambient noises, such as the radio and television, so you can really focus on connecting with your parents and so they can more easily focus on communicating with you without so many distractions.

The key to spending quality time with your hearing impaired parents this summer is to be mindful of how you position your body and use your voice when you hang out and to think more carefully about the type of communication that the event you are engaging in allows you to have. 

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1 June 2016

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